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~ ~ **JoHn MaYeR tRiBuTe** ~ ~
JoHn MaYeR
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Any Given Thursday
Room For Squares
Heavier Things
GeT iN tOuCh

Hey John Mayer Fans!

As you can see I changed it alot so! I added TONS of new pictures and LOTS Of neat stuff about john! So look in the Younger years and John Mayer page for the new up dates! - Thanks!


*!* Make sure to catch VH1's Bailey's In tune with John mayer and Paul Simon hosted by randy Jackson! If you miss it June 15 it will be back on 17 and 18! Check out for more details!*!

~*~ChEcK iT OuT!~*~
*latest news updates*
Mayer will be in Chicago taping for Soundstage on June 29th. Join John's official fan club,
Local 83 to find out how you can win the chance to sit in on his performance!
In other news.. At Stub Hub you can bid on awesome tickets at one of John's upcoming shows. All proceeds from the auctions go towards Rock The Vote, a great organization that is dedicated to protecting free expression and empowering young people to change their world. Click Here To Buy Tickts Now!

John is writing a new column for Esquire Magazine, for more information
click here.

If you happened to catch John on Late Night with David Letterman on March 29th, then you saw him sporting a hilarious/supercool hoodie that read "heterosexual, lover of rainbows" (see picture below). Since that show aired a lot of people have been tring to find out where they can buy one for themselves. So one fabulous girl, by the name of Erin, has found out how much it would cost to get some made since they haven't been found on the web yet.

John will appear as part of the today shows concert series!! *Friday April 30* Check your local NBC listings!
John will perform at Crossroads Guitar Festival this June! Along with: Eric Clapton, BB King, Buddy Guy, Vince Gill, Carlos Santana, James Taylor and others!
Begining in April, "Heavier Things" will be on special edition with a bonus disc!
Also you can see John Mayers performace "why georgia" with Brad paisly. The song is bonus footage from CMT. Its avalible until May 15, check your local listings or visit for more details!
John will be pairing up with: Rush, Maroon 5, and also Sting in New York! (that will be something good to see)

~*~woot woot~*~ Go John~*~

Also to the rest of the guys in Johns Band! Scotty~*~if you are a big fan of johns you know scotty if not then he means nothing to you.~*~ Matt Mangango for the bass and the rest of you guys are amazing!

~*~Make sure you catch John on CmT's new Cross Roads series starring John and Brad Paisly...another great guitar player! Also May 25, John will be on the Chappelle show! 10 pm ET! And BE SURE to see him on VH1 for the 100 hottest hotties on May 27! You know I'll be watching!

~*~CONGRATS TO JOHN~*~ he is 70 out of a 100 hotties! he deserves to be number one but thats not bad~~~ WOOT WOOT~~~