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~ ~ **JoHn MaYeR tRiBuTe** ~ ~


JoHn MaYeR
Inside Wants Out
Any Given Thursday
Room For Squares
Heavier Things
GeT iN tOuCh

Here are some of my favorite pics,songs, & stories about John~


This is a really good one. He looks so sexy! lol ;-)


Is it just me or is his hair lighter here? its still hot!


I think this one is from crossroads...its a little blurry but you get the idea.


if you look at the back ground of this pic there is the funniest sign "dont even dream of parking here" lol I was crackin up like a day. haha ..he looks good here by the way


I hope he stays single..I dont wanna have to kill


this is werid~ John and I both strum with our thumbs and not our index finger...WOW! lol adn we both use yellow picks! omg its dajavoo!~


....I wish I could tell you waht he was doing...


~rockin and singing...singing and rockin!~




He has a sexy back!


again I think this is cross roads...


This is a really hot pic!!! lol its a photo shoot.


MTV! lol john's tellin it like it is!

Violet Glass Bouncing Musical Note

               Favorite songs!

inside wants out: fear & love soon! *both really good songs and great accoustic sounds~!*
Any given thursday: Covered in Rain~ * I love that song he sings it so great*
Room For Squares: My stupid Mouth,3x5,83,great indoors, and Love song for no one! * I can relate to the lyrics of most of them and I love 83 because its all about john my favorite subject*
Heavier things: Clairty, Bigger than my body, Home life, Split screen Sadness, and Daughters! *home life is a great beat and its sweet and daughters is such a nice song and I love claity beacuse it makes me feel good when I am down! I relate to alot of them on this album too.*
Even though I like EVERY SONG on EVERY ALBUM those are my favorites! Share your favorites in the GB!
Unknown songs by John: Sucker, little puppy,john's little penis, Break away~*~ they didnt make the album but they are cute! and they are some of my favorites!
I love His version of Message in a bottle and never tear us apart!

Open Book, Spinning


John Mayer isnt only a pretty face. He is also really nice and cool! One time at one of his concerts he saw a guy who was dancing and really into the music and invited him on stage! lol I bet that was fun! And also if you tell John you love him he will say it back. lol thats nice...but it would be weird to date him beacuse if he was like "I love you" you would be like..."well..." lol but he is really sweet and I thought I would share that with ya!

~*~when it comes to me, its all about john~*~