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JoHn MaYeR


JoHn MaYeR
Inside Wants Out
Any Given Thursday
Room For Squares
Heavier Things
GeT iN tOuCh

~*~I'm not a celebirty...Celebirty is a choice fame is something you work for and actully achieve~*~

Full Name: John Clayton Mayer
Birthdate: October 16, 1977
Birthplace: Bridgeport, CT
Height: 6'3
Weight: 195
Fav. Food: Sushi
Fav. Bands/Musicians: Jeff Buckly, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Tatoos: 3
Other: He loves his momma ;)

Johns mom is an english teacher that explains why he is always using words that most people dont really understand..."It sounds weird," he says "but I always wanted to figure out the meaning of words threw songs. When I heard paul simons song where he used "indelible" I like asked my mom "what does indelible mean" and I put then I added it to my stupid mouth"

John has 2 brothers...Ben *younger* and Carl *older* They all look alike but John is the cutest. Well some people say "John mayer must be gay" but Not really he has had girl friends. *ie* Jinnifer Love Hewitt*
John drives a BMW 745, and its navy blue. His favorite color is City Morning Blue.. John loves the movie Good Will Hunting and he loves living in Manhattan. His all time favorite Band is the Police. His favorite Song is "love you should have come over" by Jeff Buckley.
He uses lots of different guitars some are:  a novax guitar, the brown in the cover, an electric guitar called JOHN MAYER EXPRESSION 6 STRING. the one he uses right now is a FENDER
he says he is accousitc by heart though. He also says alot that he cant just do one thing he cant sit down and have a long conversation. "I could never sit down and do anything and keep my mind on it unless I was playing the guitar."

This is cute!

~*~*~*The Bio*~*~*~*

Enthusiasm is contagious and that's why songwriters with a genuine, obvious passion for their craft can't help but attract an audience. John Mayer has earned a legion of devoted fans in and around his adopted hometown of Atlanta, where he moved in 1998 after a stint at Boston's Berklee College of Music. His creative songwriting and warm stage presence establish him as a formidable musical force, and the smoky swagger of his voice at once evokes Sting, Dave Matthews and Jakob Dylan.

Mayer grew up in Connecticut listening to pop radio until, at age 13, he discovered blues music when a neighbor gave him a Stevie Ray Vaughan tape. Mayer picked up a guitar, and within two years he was performing at local blues bars stunning audiences with his mature playing. But he soon realized that the world of guitar virtuosity was not for him.

"There's this really distracting glory in wanting to be the best guitar player because all that really is, is copying somebody, seeing who can play 'Sky Is Crying' better than the next guy," Mayer says. "I wanted to be listenable and play tunes that other people could play but not the way I play them."

Mayer dedicated himself to developing his songwriting skills, toning down the guitar pyrotechnics in favor of memorable melodies and distinctive rhythmic textures. At 19 he enrolled at Berklee but realized in a matter of months that he was more interested in playing music than studying it. "It was a great learning experience, but not because of class," he laughs. A friend from Atlanta convinced him to head south, and Mayer soon became a regular at such Atlanta songwriters' nightspots as Eddie's Attic. In 1999 he released Inside Wants Out, an album consisting mostly of solo acoustic renditions of his energetic, earnest songs, as well as several tracks recorded with a full band.

The local press soon discovered Mayer and sang his praises. "This young man knows how to captivate a crowd with his six-string guitar and honest lyrics," wrote Atlanta CitySearch. The Atlanta Journal Constitution saw all the makings of a star as they described Mayer's qualities, "sophisticated, accessible folk rock sound dominated by striking acoustic guitar playing, video-ready looks and a sizable grass-roots following born in clubs across the South."

Mayer's passion for songwriting is immediately evident. "The very nature of standing in front of a mic with a guitar that's in tune, the millions of songs that could happen at that moment - I love that!" he says. "The best feeling that I will ever have in my life is just walking, just being, the night that I finish a song."

In March 2000 Mayer headed to Austin, Texas, to perform at the prestigious South By Southwest music conference and afterwards was courted by several record labels, eventually signing with Aware/Columbia Records. He began recording his major label debut in the fall with producer John Alagia (Dave Matthews Band, Ben Folds Five). The new album, entitled Room For Squares, is a full-band electric effort. Mayer was joined in the studio by bassist David LaBruyere, (who also accompanies him on the road), as well as drummer Nir Zidkiyahu (Genesis, Alana Davis). Mayer recently met with legendary producer Jack Joseph Puig (Eric Clapton, Weezer, The Black Crowes) at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles. They remixed seven songs, including the single, "No Such Thing." Also included on the re-released CD is a brand new track which was recorded with producer John Alagia entitled "3 x 5."

It's the dedication to his songs that inspires Mayer to keep writing. "When you hear a great song, you trace it back to who the singer is," he says. "When you can offer people that piece of you, that's what keeps them listening to you."


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John Mayer is like one of the main people I look up to in music because he has a true love for music and thats something you dont see alot now. I mean actual music with instruments. He is one of the best guitar players out there and he has such a great voice!! Come on guys lets keep on buying his albums and keeping his music alive~*~love ya John~*~

Here is a little john for ya~

Isnt he a doll!?

lol he is too cute!!!

John is singing at ~*~FoX~*~


Here is proof: he is even cuter live!
Rockin it!

ok take it easy there john! Lol

He makes some really werid faces... :-)

John has a yellow pick...I have a yellow pick...I am feeling a connection...:D


I forgot how to play....

now I think i've got it...

yea....I'm good!~

I really like the way he looks holding a acoustic guitar...oh whatever I like him with, without, or with any kind of guitar! lol

here is another werid face!

I sware it looks like he is coughing here..:D

I am a john mayer freak...Its not just because he is cute though. I really do like his music and he is a great guitar player. He also interacts with his fans really well. He had a sock drive and fans brought him so many socks he could wear a pair every day until he was 43. lol I know a few things about him I think I should share with you all! John is a werid and that can be good. For example before every show to get ready john has someone rub ice cubes on his nipples...burrrrr..And he also has a pick up line..."Do you enjoy smoking cigerettes during sex? its great you have to try it" lol smooth! John also grew up in georgia as you can clearly tell since he puts a little georiga in all his songs! Callin to peach tree st!! But he was born in Conneticut! ~*~John started out playing blues bars and jazz cafes before he was offically "JOhn Mayer" and he did everything he could to sell someone a demo. Quote " look innocent but, I am trying to get you to buy a cd" lol! Johns favorite thing is taking a long hot shower where his fingers dont get wrinklie *told ya he was crazy* and he is 6'3 195 lbs!...I am a stalker...dont ask how I get my mayer also has a brother name Ben..he isnt as cute as john but he is pretty darn cute! I dont have a picture of him yet...But I will try to get one...and also John says his biggest link to success is the internet! So EVeryone lets support him by buying his next album! ~*~its bound to be a good one~*~




P.s The big montana isnt a real tatoo! :P it was

Drawn on there!


incase you are completely in the dark 77' was the year he was born...which makes american eagle my new favorite..because they started then and on all their shirts is says '1977' ~*~ :-) ~*~


John said even though he loved doing Room For Squares Heavier things was much more personal and alot more deep. And going behond the lyrical he said "Just How I played has changed. I wanted on this album to be something people could play you know you can play it and not have to Go on on on on on and consistant and keep on beating. Just something more of my style change in playing my guitar with a song and it coming to more formation when I hear that Its great. My best thing to represent that is COme back to bed. It like was like I was writting it solo accousitic so everything becomes at all times moving moving change change change. Its all very complex and I needed to do that to show people."
" With the first record you have to get off hwat you want to get out thats it it might be your one shot. this record I was able to pull back alot happily and play guitar parts people can play. Just take those moments for a mintue."
John said some of his biggest problems is that before he even presents a song he starts on how great it is...*taking about Daughters* "I wrote this song in a hotel and I was suppose ot be down stairs and I was an hour late and I knew it but I excused my self..but if your late for music interviews to talk about music you get a pass. I like how I dont play a damn song and I tell you how good it is.This better be good. I am always like talking about it before hand and my manager is like "shh" because I am like... What I am about to play for you might be the most tremoundous song ever it might be why cords where invinted thsi may be why we have ears!"
   John often says he talks too much but really can we ever get enough of him? I think no!
This is some stuff I put together from things...oh gosh I saw like 2 years ago on tv and I put it together in my VISUAL lol SOLO interview so you know enjoy that. I just remember him saying all this stuff.

Here is some quotes about the Room For Squares album.
"I rock so poorly my love and my skill is being smooth like stacking stuff on top of each other...I am so bad at like rocking with the fist in the will never get a Hard rock album from me. Dont count on it. I cant do that. I am more of a melody person."
 "I just grew up loving being inside a house. I am very good at taking small place and turning it into a new place..Memories are very good to you. Most forget the savored moments. I had this idea about what it was like to be six thats the song a nutshell...just reminiscent great in the moment song that takes you back to your child hood and you think of your child hood not mine you just gets you thinking and people like songs like that."
" I started playing when I was 13 and years leading up to that and I would be at friends houses and I would always like repair them and everything. I took it so seriously I went ot berklee to write it...guitar is great. I Had to see if my dreams were real...I wanted to be a star from home and I couldnt and I had to chose the least painful trade off. I didnt go to berklee for the right reasons...just ot have my guitar..
"My voice is undevolped...but I am inspired and I look back and see me thinking back then I was thinking I was adevolped artist  and now  I am like..No I was so un devolped I have a better since of my voice. and I learned that in the song neon probably the most. "
"For me the full band neon was what I heard in my head when I as doing the accuoustic.  I just couldnt wait for a band. And I wasnt going to wait for a band. Cause I saw the people and all they did was make excuses as to why they hadnt made that record yet and for some reason I learned early on not to make excuses just start to do it. I meet people still who say they are song writters and I am like cool so am I what have you written and they are like well I dont have anything yet and I say well you know you better finish a song cause if you dont finish it your not a song writter your not even a bad song writter."

I am happy for john he finally got his band.  

~ ~ **JoHn MaYeR tRiBuTe** ~ ~

*~*~* i love john 4 eva & eva*~*~*